Monday, September 21, 2009

Gardening Success!

Several months ago, what started as a venture in growing tomatoes, turned into a full blown gardening experience! Well, now that the summer is winding down (Fall begins tomorrow!!), the days of gardening wind down as well. And it's probably not a bad thing, since harvesting any more vegetables would require us to get a new freezer.

Our tomato project produced less than abundance of ruby red tomatoes. The lettuce has yet to finish growing so that we can pick it. The half of the green onions that actually grew are finally getting ready to pick. And we haven't produced a single head of broccoli or cantaloupe (unless you count the one that grew to the size of a tennis ball and rotted) or green pepper. Pretty big bummer, huh?

Oh, but no! We could open our very own supermarket, selling cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini. We're gonna be sick of this stuff before we get rid of it all! We were able to eat several fresh squash and zucchini and have given 15 or 20 away to friends and family. But even after all that, we have 3 of these...

That would be Ziploc freezer bags filled with zucchini and yellow squash (I just sliced or chopped or shredded it, put it in the bags and labeled them). Those plastic Sterlite baskets from Wal-Mart fit perfectly into our side-by-side freezer. And in addition to those 3 very full baskets, we have several loose bags stuffed into random corners of our side-by-side and chest freezers. As of this very moment, we have over FORTY FIVE bags!!!

So, all in all, I'd say the Gardening Gilberts Experiement of '09 was hugely seccessful!! Now, I'm excited to make some yummy fall soups and casseroles with this goodness!


Anonymous said...

You have to be grateful for what you were able to harvest. Your Nanny always said that anything good to eat will beat a snowball in the dead of winter.

Love, Mom

Team Martins said...

I'd say success... look at all that in your freezer!

We're learning as we go, and I'm proud of you gardening Gilberts!

Love you!