Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It seems that every time our local weather people call for snow, we don't get anything. And then they don't call for any and we get a lot. This time though, we have to give them some mad credit because they nailed it! The snow started sometime during the wee Friday morning hours and didn't officially stop until Sunday morning. We really only expected a few inches, but ended up with TWELVE!!! Every thing is completely covered up and it's absolutely beautiful! Even now, 4 day later, there's still snow piled up all over everything. My hubby's a bit of a rebel who LOVES to drive in the snow. So, we went out for an evening donut-fest on Friday night, and I'll admit that it was pretty fun...even when we went skidding sideways down our friend's driveway. What was not fun was watching not one, but TWO big trees fall across the road just seconds after we passed by them! YIKES!

I'm sure most of you in the area got some variation of this storm, but I thought I'd share some photos from our neck of the woods.

I promise there's a 12 inch ruler in there!

The view across our yard

More trees across the yard

We lost power for awhile, so we buried our refrigerated items in the snow to keep them cold!

The main road leading to our house

The main road leading to our house

The side road leading to our house...thank goodness for 4WD!!!

The view from the top of our housing development
I doubt we'll have a white Christmas, but this is good enough for me!


Shannon said...

We had 4-6" snow drifts....not bad for our neck of the woods!! I love snow....Mackenzie loved it as well.

Make some snowpeople and post pics!! :)

Nina said...

Your snow was beautiful! I think we managed to get.. .0002 Just a dusting for us! Luckily, we were in Williamsburg when it hit, so at least we did get to see some snow! Merry Christmas!