Friday, January 1, 2010

End of the Year Savings Update...and 2009 Goals Revisited

Before we revisit the goals that I posted for 2009, here's a final look at our savings for 2009. I had hoped to save a full $2000.00 in 2010 (either by coming in under our allotted budget for groceries and household items or by saving money using coupons and sales), but we didn't quite make it. In December, we saved $179.41. That brought us (drumroll, please) $1885.82 saved in 2009 and that's something to be proud of!!

You might remember this post from last January where I outlined a few goals that I had for 2009 (I don't do resolutions).

*The Great Purge of '09 was completed and successful! We got rid of a LOT of stuff and made a couple hundred dollars at Yard Sales!

*Wedding Photos...nothing happened here. Maybe we'll get something done there by our 10th anniversary :)

*All photos are printed and in albums through 2008. All the 2009 photos are uploaded to my computer, edited and ready to print. Goal: Completed!

*The last 20 pounds...This one didn't happen either, but that's about to change too!!

*Home Improvement Projects
The Hallway still looks like it did last January (but now that my photos are up to date, I feel a little less overwhelmed about re-doing the photo collage in there!).
The guest bath still has white walls (but there are some really great bathroom re-do ideas floating around in my head that will hopefully affect both bathrooms in 2010).

When I look at this short list, I could very easily kick myself and throw a pity party about how I didn't meet my goals and how I can't accomplish things. However, what you don't see on this are the things that I DID accomplish. I don't feel like I could have done any more than I did in 2009, so I'm okay with not getting a few completely irrelevant things done. After all, welcoming my new niece into the world far outweighs painting a bathroom. Spending time with family and friends (especially those who don't live close by) is a greater thing to do than organizing wedding photos. At the end of the day, or the year for that matter, goals are just that...things I would hope to get done. Being a good wife, friend, daughter, sister and aunt are things that MUST be done. I'm working on some goals (some old, some new) for 2010. Check back soon to see what I'll be getting myself into this year!!

Happy New Year!!!

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