Sunday, May 2, 2010

Signs of Spring

After the crazy winter we had, I didn't know if we would ever start to see signs of Spring. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE winter and I LOVE snow. But, there's just something about seeing everything come alive again. Colors and new life everywhere.

I've been dabbling a little photography (read: beginner). We got a new camera for Christmas (not a fancy hundreds of dollars camera, but about as nice a camera as you can get without having to deal with removable lenses) and I've FINALLY begun to see all the cool things it will do. For the most part, it takes pictures nearly as good as other really nice cameras I've seen.

Then, I found Picnik. I've been a Picasa girl for a long time now and it's great for storing and organizing pictures. However, Picnik beats the pants off of it when it comes to photo editing.

So, combine my love for Spring things, photography and Picnik with some of the lyrics to one of my favorite Nichole Nordeman songs ("Every Season") and you get the rest of this post. Happy Spring!

And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced

Teaching us to breathe

What was frozen through is newly purposed

Turning all things green

So it is with You

And how You make me new

With every season’s change

And so it will be

As You are re-creating me

Summer, autumn, winter...



Nina said...

Beautiful pictures!!! It was great seeing you 2 weeks ago!!!

ASUBttrfly said...

Great pictures friend, awesome job for a "beginner". Hope you are doing well this spring.