Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sink Hole

For just about as long as we've lived in this house (5+ years), we've had a sink hole in our driveway. It started as a big crack and over the course of a few years grew to be a hole big enough for a family of 4 to fall through. We knew the time was coming to fix it, so in true Marty fashion, lots of research was done on how to turn this into a DIY project. Bringing in hired help to the tune of $1,000+ was simply out of the question. A few trips to Lowe's, some sawing and planning later, the project took off.

Here's what the hole looked like before we started.

The black abyss to the upper left side of the culvert is totally empty. And yes, that's a safety cone at the top of the picture.

After all the broken pavement was removed, Marty put in some re-bar for support. He also installed a pipe for water to drain off the driveway (water sitting at the lowest point in the driveway played a huge part in the hole forming).

Marty built a form to fit around the rocks and drain pipe. He and our good friend, Joel stabilized the form. Joel was there for manual labor. I was there for a photo opportunity and project management...or something like that :) They would eventually pour the concrete through the hole in the road to fill it in.

After 2 extra trips to Lowe's and THIRTY FIVE bags of concrete later, the hole was filled!! So, we let it dry...

It was quite a challenge to get the form pulled out around the rocks and the pipe, but Marty made it happen! Here's what it looked like after the form was removed. That's a LOT of concrete!!

The hole in the driveway is gone! (My super smart husband created 2 little 'ditches' in the concrete so that even small traces of water would drain into the pipe.

We stacked rocks around the culvert again and here's the finished product!
I'm extremely proud of the work Marty did. A couple of days' work and some hard manual labor saved us nearly $800. That's what I call sweat equity, people.

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