Friday, November 26, 2010

A 30x30 Update

In the case of my 30x30 plan and my lack of updates regarding that, it's safe to say that the old saying "No news is good news" doesn't really apply. Let's just say that my plan isn't working out so well. Call it lack of willpower, call it lack of motivation, call it "I just had the busiest month of the year". Call it whatever you want. I just call it ridiculous. In nearly 2 months, I've only lost about 6 pounds. SIX pounds. And before you think that I sound like those contestants on "The Biggest Loser" who just aren't satisfied when they "only" lost 12 pounds last week, hear me when I say that I'm grateful for those 6 pounds...I just wanted more.

My biggest frustration comes with the fact that I'm working out at least 3 times as much as I was before (yes, that means I'm working out 3 times a week...before, I was doing nothing) I started this venture and eating better portions and healthier foods and the yielded results are not to my liking. If I'm going to gain on any given week, I want it to be because I've been lazy or because I've had a big fat piece of cake...not because I was sweatin' it out to some insane dance video in my living room 3 days in a row and depriving myself of foods that I really love. And then, I throw in the fact that I cut out sodas for 10 days while increasing my water intake and still didn't lose any weight. I mean, seriously?

At the end of the day, however, I'm not giving up. I'm gonna keep on dancing it out in the living room with my Kristen Jacobs workout video. I'm gonna keep on hoppin' on the treadmill when I get the chance. I'm gonna keep on buying foods that are good for me. I'm gonna keep on limiting my portions. I'm gonna keep on keepin' on.

I guess I'd rather be frustrated for trying rather than being frustrated because I gave up. Here's to a few more pounds by the end of 2010!


Danielle said...

Hang in there girl!! I will be doing this again after I have Felicity in April...It sounds like you are doing great:) Afterall, it IS the holiday season! And, you can also be confident that you have lost "true weight" since you are keeping an even, steady pace of weight loss.

finally five said...

Friend, you are beautiful! Maybe after Christmas... cause I'm being TOTALLY realistic here... we could do some accountability with each other. I have got to get this baby such weight off! Love you!