Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's been 3 months since I've blogged. Mostly because I didn't really have anything to say...or maybe because the things I had to say were things I didn't really want to say or talk about. At any rate, I've got a few free minutes this afternoon, and so here I am.

Sooooo....what's been going on over here? Here's a rundown...

*30x30-yeah, that'd be the main issue keeping me from blogging. I knew I'd have to address it sooner or later and was hoping that "later" mean when I had actually lost the 30 pounds or was at least well on my way. About's not happened...yet. My initial goal was to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday at the end of March. For the first 2 months, I didn't really even try. Sure I was working out 10-20 minutes a few times a week and trying to cut back on the junk food and portions. But it wasn't until a month ago when my hubby found that I REALLY began trying to cut back and watch what I was eating. At my last report, I had lost 6 pounds. Now, I've lost 7 pounds. Not 7 MORE pounds. 7 pounds. Total. I could go on and on about how frustrated I am by the up this week and down next week weight loss roller coaster I'm on, but it's not gonna burn any calories or help me lose more weight, so I'll just accept it as it is and move on.
So, in case you're wondering, no, I will not be trying to lose 23 more pounds in the next month. If I could lose 5 more pounds, that'd be great. Instead of trying to lose 30 pounds BY the time I turn 30, I'll just be trying to all of the 30 pounds off during the year that I'm 30... and if that happens by our Memorial Day trip to the beach, I'd be ok with that :)

*And speaking of trying to lose weight, the Easter candy is out again. Reese's Eggs you are my nemesis.

*I'm taking some time off in March. Cutting back on all the different kinds of work I'm doing (both in and out of the home) so that I can really tackle some pending projects. There are a few projects on my to-do list that I've been trying to get done for YEARS. But they seem to all be just big enough that I can't knock it out in an afternoon and when I do have a few days that I could work on it, something better comes along. I'm finally going to get all of our pictures organized and in albums. I'm about 75% of the way there, but it just takes so much time so sort and put them in albums and it's not a successful work session unless there are piles of pictures spread all across the living room floor. I see several days of chick flicks and picture piles in my near future. I'm also going to work on (and hopefully finish) our wedding album. Very few of our pictures are in digital form, so I'll be scanning and cropping and editing them all before creating a photobook online. So much easier and faster than the scrapbook I'd always planned on creating. Several other things on the list as well...maybe that'll give me motivation to start posting again on a regular basis.

*Last week, I got ticked off at the clothes in my closet. I decided I was going to try things on, try to make outfits from the things I have and everything else was going in the yard sale box. There are 3 things to note about this process:
1-I had just gone through and purged my closet less than a month ago and gotten rid of a HUGE box.
2-I got rid of THIRTY additional items of clothing.
3-My closet is still full of clothes...I still haven't decided if it's great to have a closet full of clothes or sad that I had so many clothes to begin with.
One thing is for sure, come Spring, my mom's yard is going to look more like a consignment store than a yard sale!

*Random...I currently have 2 car seats in my car. Do I have 2 kids? No. Do I have any kids? No.

*Shane & Shane IN ASHEVILLE on Sunday. My week is made!

Maybe this will be the jump start I needed to get back to blogging. And if not, well, I'll see you again in the summer :)

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