Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I Love Thursday 3.16.06

Thing I Love: Birthday Cake & Ice Cream

In anticipation of my birthday in a week and a day, I would like to write about one of my favorite foods of all time-birthday cake and ice cream. Regular homemade cake is ok with ice cream, and I will certinaly not pass it up, but birthday cake....with that sugary icing...preferably chocolate cake with white icing is just to die for!!! I really like birthday cake with vanilla ice cream or moose tracks ice cream or mint chocolate chip ice cream. I love the way the icing kinda crunches in my mouth because of all the sugar that's in it. And, I...LOVE...CORNER...PIECES!!!!! The more icing the better!! I am fully aware that this particular food combo is not in accordance with my diet plan. Thank goodness my birthday is only once a year!!!


AJ Fabulous said...

I LOVE FROSTING!!! I try very slyly to get a piece of cake with the most frosting possible. CONFESSION - I typically will try to help distribute cake wherever I am (birthday, wedding, etc.) so that I can scope out the piece with the most frosting and save it for myself. How bad is that?!?!?! The people think I am helping...when in all reality...I'm being selfish! What can I say...the frosting is worth it! :)

sarawithani said...

The frosting is SOOOOO worth it! I am glad someone else shares in my obsession!