Friday, June 30, 2006

Weird and Random Stuff

With all that is going on in our lives these days, many everyday things are being pushed to the back know, things like thinking. And so, many random and weird things are happening in just about everything I try to do:

-(Caution all Diet Coke fanatics...the following could cause you to go into some sort of shock!) I decided the other day that I just can't take continuing to gain the weight that I lost in Feb/Mar of this year. After hearing a story about a friend who stopped drinking soft drinks and started exercising and lost 25 pounds, I thought "hey, I'm not sure about that whole exercising FIVE DAYS A WEEK thing, but I might be able to give up my beloved Diet Coke." Then I quickly realized that "giving up Diet Coke" was not in my vocabulary. So, I opted for a compromise: reward myself with Diet Coke after drinking a set amount of water every day. (For those of you who crave this wonderful drink we call Diet Coke, you know just what kind of motivation this is!) I decided that I didn't want to go from drinking 8-10 oz of water a day to drinking 64 oz of water a day, as I am not in the mood for floating away! I devised a plan: start out drinking 40 oz of water a day (5-8oz glasses) for the first week, then 48 oz of water a day for the second week, and so on and so on until I reached 64 oz of water a day. The first day of my experiment/diet plan arrived. I filled up some water bottles and placed them neatly in the refrigerator. I decided I needed 5 of them (remember: 5-8oz glasses to start off with). I was ready to go. About 5pm on the first day of my experiment (just after finishing bottle #4, I realized something very hysterical...each bottle that I had filled with water and neatly placed in the refrigerator was not 8 oz, but TWENTY OZ EACH!!!!! I HAD JUST HAD EIGHTY OZ OF WATER!!!!! This proves several things: 1-I am way too busy, if I can't even think about how many oz are in a standard bottle of water. 2-Drinking the recommended 64 oz of water a day is not impossible, nor is it all that bad. I 3-After drinking 80 oz of anything in a given day, one has NO DESIRE for any other liquid, including Diet Coke. 4-Did I mention that I think I am way to busy to think about how many oz are in a standard bottle of water?

Like I said before, normal everyday things are being forgotten. However, other things are VERY organized and planned out: like our trip to Sylva yesterday. I had conveniently planned my doctor's appointment, Marty's (very late) birthday lunch at the Cullowhee Cafe, an afternoon with our nephew, Jordan, and dinner with Amber and Travis all in the same visit. First thing on the list of things to do/places to go in Sylva: Doctor's office. I arrived ( the practice had moved so I spent a few extra minutes having to find it) and walked up to the door like a good little patient. I signed my name on the "sign-in here" sheet. I was told when I made my appt. that I would need to fill out new patient info sheets since the practice had moved (What? You moved buildings..did you forget to take my records with you??? I didn't understand this upon making my appt. and still don't understand it.). So, I told the lady at the window that I would need my "new patient info sheets" since I was apparently a "new patient". She glances at the "sign in here" sheet, types something in the computer, and politely looks at me and says "Sarai Gilbert, oh I'm sorry, you're appointment was yesterday at 10:30am." The next words out of my mouth were "You've got to be kidding me." I proceed to tell her that when I called to make the appointment, I was told 3 times on the phone ( by a woman who asked me 4 times (in less than 10 minutes) if I had health insurance, which probably should have been my first clue as to how this appointment day would turn out) that my appointment would be THURSDAY, JULY 29th at 10:30 AM!!!! And so that it what I had in my head and in my planner and on my desk calendar...THURSDAY, JULY 29th at 10:30AM. And now, I'm a day late. Lade behind the window then proceeds to ask me "Do you live in Sylva?" to which I reply "No, I live in Mars Hill and apparently just wasted an hour and a half driving over here, and, oh yeah, I have to drive back." She then says to me "Well, there's no way that we can see you today. We have several staff members on vacation and we are completely covered up. We have blah blah blah dates for you to reschedule one. Which would be best for you?" I said (in a not so nice tone with not so nice body language) "Well, hold on. I guess I'll have to go get my calendar." (This was code for I need my security guard, Marty.) After we spoke with the lady behind the window a little more, we were informed that all scheduling is done by the lead doctor's sister...who LIVES IN FLORIDA!!!!! (For those of you who don't know, that's about a 12-15 hour drive and several states away.) Does this make sense? No. Lady behind the window then lets me know that the closest available date for me to reschedule would be during the week of the High School Music Camp that Marty and I work at. So, I scheduled my appointment for July 11th with the lady behind the window. WHAT? I thought all scheduling was done by lady who doesn't live here?!?!?!? Needless to say I was VERY frustrated, and upon leaving the office, I decided to let out one heck of a "AHHHHH!" in the parking lot. Thankfully, the rest of the day was smooth and fun and worth the trip over there. And since gas is only $3 a gallon these days, lady behind the window will be happy to know that I am very rich and can easily drive a total of 2 hours to get to her more than once.

Have I mentioned that crazy and weird things are happening around here?

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