Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday 2.5.09

For those of you who don't know, I'm a nanny for the Edwards' family. (Check out their story here.) One of my most favorite parts of working for them is interacting with the three youngest Edwards kids (Yannick is 4, Sarah will be 4 in April and Luci will be 4 in May), specifically when they greet me at the door. When I first started working there, they would run to meet me at the door, yelling the whole way, "Ms. Sarai's home! Ms. Sarai's home!". Well, a year and a half later, me showing up has lost its luster to them...except with Sarah. Let me tell you that this girl LOVES to eat, but she will leave her breakfast behind to greet me at the door and wrap her little arms so tightly around my legs. This is how it's gone down for the past month (keep in mind I'm there 2 days a week and they never go more than about 4 days without seeing me): she greets me at the door, I pick her up and she says (with her cute little lisp) "Mith. Tharai, are you going to sthay here today?" and I say "Yes, I am!" and she says "Good, becauthe I thure have mithed you!". Melts my heart every time. :)

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Team Martins said...

Thank God for snow days and little girls who take your breath away...
and thank God for you, my friend! :)