Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love the Madness...a late Things I Love Thursday post

In the cloud of excitement that is Spring Break, I forgot all about posting on Thursday. Better late than never, right?

We are pretty huge fans of Duke basketball an with March Madness in full swing, we are lovin' it! For those of you who don't follow college basketball and the NCAA Tournament, here's a brief rundown: The NCAA Tournament involves the best college basketball teams in the country. It's a single elimination tournament that spans a few weekends in March and the beginning of April. This tournament is the one to win. And while the teams are rated, it's really anybody's game! Marty will be quick to tell you that this is the most exciting time in sports. Period. Not college sports. Not basketball. Sports as an all encompassing word. Period. And I'd agree.

We filled out our brackets this week (predicting which teams will advance in each round of the tournament) and our brackets definitely speak volumes of our personalities. Marty's is a computer print out and he's been keeping up with them online. Mine is filled in with markers and I keep track with very detailed system of "X"s and circles and lines. My big hang up with "bracketology" is that I have a hard time predicting that Duke will get beat out...even when I know that they probably will.

The games started on Friday and about 5 games into round 1, Marty revealed something very interesting to me. Something that was so true, I had to laugh out loud when I heard it.

I'm very interested in this tournament, but I'm probably more interested in making out a chart and filling it in and marking things off and keeping it all organized. Don't even pretend like you're shocked to hear that :)


The Bake Family said...

How fun to have you post on my blog so I could find YOURS!! I love the internet :) And I think its so cute that you have the most fun filling in the charts cause thats TOTALLY how I would be...if I could watch more than 10 minutes of a game without getting totally lost! Thats one facet of my education that got totally missed somewhere...sports!

Team Martins said...

Your blog is looking super cute, my friend!

And I can totally see you markers and all; that makes me smile! But, know what makes me smile MORE?

I'll be totally seeing you for real at the end of the week!