Monday, March 16, 2009

This week's headlines...

So, it's Spring Break here at the Gilbert house (Marty's on Spring Break, and I decided I needed one too!) and there are many projects to be done! We're working on a new drop zone by the back door, purging the rest of the house, doing some cleaning and (hopefully) getting LOTS of rest!

This past weekend, Brooke and I went to IKEA in Charlotte and it was INSANE! It was pouring the rain. There were so many people there, that they made us park in the bike lane ACROSS the street from the parking lot. It was more like cattle herding than shopping. And it was awesome. We had a great time, got some great things (including a big live tree for our living room that I had to carry through the parking lot in the rain-and yes, we laughed the whole time!) and enjoyed the day! Note to self: next time, go on a weekday.

In other news, Duke won the ACC Tournament on Sunday and if you know us, you know that made us HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Looking forward to filling out our brackets for the NCAA Tournament that starts this weekend. While I would love to see Duke take it all, I'm also very realistic and realize that it probably won't happen. At any rate, we'll be rooting for Duke...or anyone but Carolina :)

The first day of Spring is on Friday and I like Spring. Spring means my birthday is getting nearer and so is Easter. I like Easter. And I like Easter candy. Nothing says happiness like a pile of Cadbury Bunny Eggs and Reese's Eggs and Whopper Eggs and Pastel Peanut Butter M&Ms. I should probably get on the treadmill just thinking about all that sugary, peanut buttery goodness.

I went to the Hobby Lobby with Brooke on Friday night and scored some SUPER cute fabrics for some Living Room pillows. Can't wait to get all creative there. I'm also trying my hand at applique-ing. We'll see how that goes...if I'm successful, I'll post pics. If I'm unsuccessful, I may still post pics so I'll have someone to laugh at it with me!

I like Spring. I like breaks. And I like Spring Breaks. :)


friendbrooke said...

Spring break is a good thing...can't wait for mine to get here! Enjoy my friend!

Team Martins said...

I agree; spring break is awesome! You deserve every single minute of break that you can fit in!

Can't wait to see all these goodies for myself when I come visit. Maybe you can go spend the night with us at Brooke's and we can make Ikea on a weekday a reality? I can dream. :)

Love you, my friend!

Lori said...

I'm jealous of the spring cleaning and the Ikea trips and the creative pillows! Sounds like so much fun...without the rain and the herds of people!!! I'm all for a weekday trip to Ikea. Sign me up! MAYBE during the public schools' Spring Break? We should make a plan! Love you friend! We should be friends soon!