Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, the posts have been few and far between, and maybe even a little non-existent over the past few weeks. It's really been a crazy whirlwind month so far! At the end of May, I looked at June in on earth did we manage to have an almost entirely free calendar for the month? Yeah, it probably wasn't such a smart idea to say those words out loud. So far, we've spent a weekend in Raleigh, kept our favorite 5 year old, Bella, for a week, had some company, and I've been to the dentist twice so far this month for the same reason (stupid teeth!).

Thankfully, today and tomorrow are relatively free (except for the random spontaneous trip we just made to Sylva to see Marty's cousin who is in town from Louisiana). Thankfully, we have these few days to really accomplish some things around the house and get some rest and spend some time together. Because next week could begin the process of altering the state of our lives as we know it.

OK, maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic :) However, next week is going to be busy and big and well, yeah...potentially life changing. People, I'm FINALLY auditioning for American Idol! They're holding auditions in Atlanta, so I'm gonna do this thing! Sadly, Marty will be at a conference all week long in CA, so he won't be able to go with me. However, Brooke is going to tag along for what I'm sure will be the experience of a lifetime. There will be HOURS of time on a sidewalk in the sun or rain while waiting to register. Then MORE HOURS of time on a sidewalk in the sun or rain while waiting to enter the auditions. Then MORE HOURS of being cramped in the GA Dome with 60,000 other people. Sounds like loads of fun, huh? And there there's the getting up at 4am to catch the Marta. And being crazy nervous and crazy excited all at the same time. And seeing a crazy bunch of people. And maybe catching a glimpse of Ryan Seacrest. And, oh yeah, there's the whole singing thing.

Oh the singing...what to sing? I literally sat with my iPod the other day and scrolled through every single one of the 7,000+ songs on there to compile a list of possibilities. And after singing and scratching things of the list and changing the keys and forcing Marty (well, maybe not forcing :) ) to listen to and critique me on those options, I've FINALLY come up with my top 5 choices for songs:
*Summertime (From Porgy & Bess)
*Can't Take My Eyes Off You (By Lady Antebellum)
*Over the Rainbow (By lots of different people)
*Love Me Tender (Elvis)
*Empty Me (Chris Sligh)
My first choice is probably "Summertime", but I decided to have severeal songs ready that fit different parts of my voice (who knows if I'll be tired or hoarse or whatever on audition day). Plus, these songs have a few different styles as well. And then there's the outfit...all I know is that I'm taking the biggest suitcase I have and Brooke is going to get one heck of a fashion show on Wednesday!

I realize that this could one of the most bizarre and random and exciting adventures of my life. How fun will it be to tell my kids one day that I actually tried out for a reality show?!?! I also realize that AI is just that...a reality show. Not a singing competition...a reality show. Which means that my chances of actually making it to Hollywood are SUPER SLIM. But I'm ok with that. I'm taking this thing one step at a time and that means for now, I'll focus on registration and the first round of auditions (which are not with Randy, Simon, Paula and Kara, but rather in the GA Dome in front of some producers). There's no plan past that. And for me, that's a HUGE deal. I need a plan and a schedule and bulleted, highlighted list. But for once in my life, I'm just gonna go and see what happens...maybe the OCD list will come later. And who knows...maybe I'll make it to the 2nd round auditions. Maybe I'll make it to Hollywood. Maybe I'll even make it to the top 36 or 24 or 12. Or maybe I just go spend some time in Hotlanta and have the time of my life...and no matter what happens, I'll be ok :)

Have no fear, blogger friends...I'll be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook throughout the process (and on here when I get a chance to write more than a sentence)!!


hisgirlcridey said...

I'm so excited for you:) You are in my thoughts and prayers, and no matter the outcome, I will always be a fan ;) Love you, Sarai!

NurseMarcie said...

Friend, I am SOOOOO super excited for you! I know you will have a blast, no matter what happens. I can't wait to see you tommorrow for lunch and hear more about your big week. Love ya!