Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Bedding

This particular project isn't on the big to-do list of '09, but if you know me, you know that I can't pass up a good opportunity for organizing, nor can I pass up a good bargain...and that's where this story starts.

I've been wanting to update the bedding in our bedroom for a while now, as I'm over the comforter thing. I like having a comforter, but I don't like having to wash it. Thankfully, it fits into our washing machine, but with each wash, it gets more awkwardly bunched. We've only had it for 5 years, but it's certainly starting to look worn. So, rather than buy a whole comforter set (that would look nice, but still have to be washed) I decided to look for a duvet or comforter cover. Well, apparently this novel idea has yet to catch on with the major retailers of our country (with the exception of IKEA...which, byt the way, is a Swedish company). I only found a few here and there, but REFUSED to pay $80 for a COVER when I could get an entire 8 piece bedding set for $79.99.

I decided that I'd make my own. I'd done it before and I could do it again! The cheapest way would be to find some flat sheets on sale, sew them together and add some buttons at the bottom. So, I started watching sales. Target had some sheets on sale last week, so I went to check it out. Thank you, Target circular for your lack of information...apparently the $5.98 sale only applied to twin sheets which were not going to work. But, before I left the store empty handed, I thought I'd check out the clearance items and it must have been my lucky day!! There on the endcap was a 7 PC. COMFORTER COVER SET!! And better than that, it was marked down from $80 to $40!!! AND, they had the color I wanted (chocolate brown)!!! AND, they had the size I needed!!! YIPPEE!!

Now, here's the issue with getting new bedding (especially in a set) for us. Our bed is a Queen, but our comforter is a King (we have a sleigh bed and the king falls closer to the floor and eliminates the need for a dust ruffle). So, getting a set means we have a comforter cover that fits, but no sheets that work. Well, thankfully I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine. I converted the king size pillow cases into shams and now have a bunch of brown sheet fabric to use for other projects.

My original plan was to use chocolate brown and a pale turqoise in our room. However, that plan changed yesterday when I put the new bedding on. I really like the chocolate brown and pale green combo and realized that I had several accents, including 2 pretty throw pillows in a damask pattern (thanks, Mom!) that would coordinate nicely. And since our bathroom is cranberry with that same green color, it would all tie together nicely. I think the new bedding is really simple, yet elegant and if we ever want to change the accent colors, it'll be a breeze!

So, without further ado...
The original bedding

And the new improved much prettier bedding :)

And so, now we have all this nice bedding on our bed, but what to do with the sheets and shams and accent pillows that are still in perfectly good shape...ah, the guest room. We've been using an old comforter set from my Mom's house for a while now, and while it certainly served its purpose, we've been wanting to change it up and make that room a little more inviting and cozy. (If you ever visited when we just had a double air matress in that room, you are SURE to appreciate the rest of this post!)

I must rewind a few months to show you the original state of this room, as it's been a work in progess for some time now. Before our yard sale, it was our "we don't want this stuff anymore so let's throw it in the guest room and shut the door" room. About an hour into the pricing and organzing and boxing up process, this is what the room looked like...YIKES!
I've painted an old headboard that will go nicely with this new bedding, but it still needs a coat of polyurethane. I used an old duvet that I had made to cover the comforter, and transfered the old sheets, shams and throw pillows from our room. All the yard sale stuff is gone. The room has been cleaned from top to bottom. There are still a few items that don't have another home as of now, but that's to be taken care of soon. I would have really liked to paint this room, but I only had a day to get all this switched over and barely made it. Painting wasn't really an option this time. The walls are a little boring, but I'll get there! It's still a work in progress, but MUCH more inviting! Here it is...
We're taking reservations, so come on over!


Team Martins said...

Sooo cute, friend! You and your handy dandy sewing machine wonderfulness-- you amaze me. As if your house is not proof enough, just wait until we get our hands on those b-day party outfits! :)

Missed you this past week, but so glad you got lots done!

kmjba8 said...

You and your sewing prowess are welcome at my home as I have been given the challenge of sewing the necessary elements to have my two living room chairs recovered! I'm i-n-t-i-m-i-d-a-t-e-d!

When you come to visit Brooke and help bolster my esteem in the sewing department, you will see that our bedrooms linens are nearly identical!

Beth said...

Friend! So pretty! I can't wait to see all the new additions and changes in person when I come home in just 4 months! Wow... that's a scary thought, actually... and really sad to leave my babies... but yay I can't wait to see you, precious friend!