Thursday, July 2, 2009

June Savings Update

Well, my plan to not spend as much on groceries while we clean out the pantry and freezer hasn't gone quite as I had planned. We still came in under budget this month, but I was hoping we'd save more! Thankfully, we've got back to back weeks of summer camp coming up which means 2 full weeks of not buying groceries! While eating camp food isn't my favorite past time (think rectangle pizza and corn), it's free!! With a few pb&j sandwiches mixed in there, we'll be fine :)

We've also been trying to refine our budget a little more and cut back on our spending even further, so for the rest of the year, I'm gonna have to be even more creative in my shopping and meal prep so that we still come in under budget. Hopefully that will all work out!

And now, we've reached the halfway point of the year. We set a goal to save $2000 this year and we're right on track to making that happen!

So, here's how it all when down in June:
We were $52.47 under budget.
We saved $163.22 with coupons and sales.
That puts our May savings total at: $215.69
And that means our total yearly savings is up to...


People, that's almost $1000!! Some people say that coupons just aren't worth the time...but I beg to differ!

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Rebecca said...

yuck, I do not like rectangle pizza...and who in the world thought pizza and CORN were a match? But I do love camp.