Friday, February 5, 2010

Excuse Me...

...while I brag a bit :)

I try really hard to keep from forcing photos and stories of my new niece, Reagan on unsuspecting folks. But seriously, people, she's so darn cute, that I just can't resist! So, bear with me while I morph into proud Auntie mode! She's 3 months old now. She's laughing and smiling and really interactive. She's almost rolling over and tries really hard to sit up on her own. And did I mention that she's really cute? Anyway, I'll spare you the rest of the obsessed Auntie details and just show you how cute she is!

My mom ADORES this little girl. It's so sweet to watch them interact.

Reagan will laugh and smile all day, but when you bring the camera out, this happens. It's hilarious!

This one's a little blurry, but it totally captures her personality, so I didn't have the heart to delete it!

She loves playing on the quilt that her Nanny ( my mom) made for her.

This picture always makes me say "Hooray!!"

See, told you she was cute :)

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almost five said...

Yep, definitely a CUTIE! Ooh, making it impossible to wait out my next three months... another adorable baby girl to snuggle!

You have every right to be proud!! What a doll.