Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, the day has arrived. The big 3-0 is here. I'm not exactly sure what I thought 30 would feel I guess I feel, well, 30. I get a whole new number at the beginning of my age. I get to start a whole new decade of my life. I think this is the first decade that people are anxious about. When you go from 9 to 10, you're excited because you get to have TWO digits in your age. When you go from 19 to 20, you're excited because you're starting to feel like an adult. When you go from 29 to 30, you're expected to have arrived at adulthood. 30 seems to come with all these pressures and expectations from the world. 30 year olds are grown ups. Definitely not feeling that one :) Surprisingly, I'm not dreading being 30 nor am I upset that I am a new member of this magical 30 club. It's just odd to think of myself as "thirty-something".

Funny that while that number is going up, I'm still trying to get another number down. Oh yes, the 30x30 that is my nemesis!! I didn't make my goal, but I'm getting there! I've lost 10ish pounds so far and I'm working to knock out the remaining 20 pounds. Let me try that week, after all the birthday cake, I'll be working to knock out the remaining 20 pounds :) I'm trying really hard to remain focused and not get discouraged. I feel that as long as I keep my mind on my goal weight, and am working to achieve it, it doesn't matter whether I reach it now or in 6 months...but getting to my goal weight before bathing suit season wouldn't hurt either :)

Here's to my 30s. Everyone says they're better than the 20s. My 20s were pretty good. Bring on the awesome!

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